Biochemist specialised in scientific software, biotechnology, food science and teaching.

Trained in business analysis, campaign coordination and scientific software (IBM Watson for Drug Discovery) to gain market awareness.

Artificial intelligence developer. Former quality controller.



2011 - 2014               Software Developer and Tester: MatLab, Pascal

                                      BSc Biochemistry, University of Granada


2014                           Degree final year dissertation: Acid lactic bacteria biotechnology

                                      BSc Biochemistry, University of Granada


2015                           Master's thesis: Southern Spain tomatoes characterization

                                      MSc Advances in technology and food safety, University of Granada


2015 - 2016               Programming mainly in Java, R and Python.

                                      MOOC student and teacher



2014                            BSc Biochemistry with biotechnology vocational guidance

                                      University of Granada


2015                            MSc  Advances in technology and food safety

                                      University of Granada


2016                            MSc Master in Professional Development 4.0
                                      University of Alcalá de Henares


2015 - 16  MOOCs       Accounting & Finances.

                                     Bioinformatics: Genomes & Algorithms.
Developing new ideas for new companies.

                                     Enterprise knowledge management.
                                     Python for genomic data science.

                                     Probability and Statistics in R.
                                     Visual basic .NET.

                                     V School of Entrepreneurs.



Scientific software


Scientific review expertise (Started in 2010).


Sales and consulting at IBM Watson Health (Started the 3rd May 2016).


Artificial intelligence developer in an IBM XPRIZE Artificial Intelligence project (Started in Oct 2016).


Experienced presenter: Workshops.




Some years of experience (chemistry, informatics, mathematics & physics classes).



Quality manager


18 ECTS credits in UNICA Group (2015), a food cooperative (2nd fortnight April and May 2015).




      English                              - Fluent, B2 (Cambridge)


      Spanish                             - Native


      German and French           - Basic, A1